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Southern NH HomeStyle Rehab Financing Overview

HomeStyle financing allow borrowers to borrow money for the cost of rehab. It can be used towards a new home or to refinance a current loan. It may apply to small or large tasks and therefore is a helpful resource for houses requiring rehabilitation. This Southern NH HomeStyle rehab financing … [Read More...]

Eliminating Mortgage Insurance From Conventional Loans

Mortgage insurance is usually due on standard conventional loans with down payments below twenty percent. The premium is payable each month and included in the mortgage payment. Eliminating mortgage insurance from conventional loans can save hundreds off your mortgage payment, so it is helpful to … [Read More...]

Southern NH Home Buyer Relocation Tips

Relocating to a new area can be stressful. There are several factors to review such as school rankings, local amenities, crime statistics, tax rates and traveling to employment. In this blog is important Southern NH Home Buyer Relocation Tips. Local Schools and Southern NH Property Prices The … [Read More...]

An Explanation Of Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance For Southern NH Home Loans

Mortgage insurance is typically mandated when a home buyer puts less than twenty percent down of the value of a home. It protects mortgage companies against loss when a homeowner fail to pay a loan. Although it is for the benefit of the lender, it is usually the responsibility of a buyer as a … [Read More...]

How To Cover The Cost Of Home Additions In Southern NH

Home additions are a popular alternative to buying a larger house. With additions, you may personalize the space and make sure it meets your personal requirements. Learning how to cover the cost of home additions in Southern NH can be useful. Below are a few that may work for you. Refinancing An … [Read More...]

Advice On Inspection Negotiations For Southern NH Property Purchases

Sellers are not mandated to fix problems uncovered in a property inspection. There is a negotiation process. You should be aware ahead of time that inspections typically entail issues and basic suggestions from the inspector on upgrades that can be done. Focus on the problems rather than the … [Read More...]

Yearly Property Maintenance Tasks | Home Maintenance Tips

Fall's cooler weather provide a comfortable outdoor working climate to address your yearly property maintenance tasks. The transition in weather is a good reminder to complete any maintenance tasks that you may have been delaying. Below are a few tasks not to forget. Yearly Property Maintenance … [Read More...]

Jackson – Adopted Horse of the Month

Jackson is a chestnut Quarter Horse gelding purchased at the New Holland Auction in May 2016.  We were told he was a cutting horse, neck reins and primarily used as a western pleasure horse. . He is rather quiet and seems very business oriented. Charlie has been helping him to loosen us and is … [Read More...]

Disputed Credit Accounts And The Effect On Southern NH Mortgages

All consumers have a right to address incorrect items on their credit report. However, home buyers should be conscious of the impact that this may have on obtaining financing. This blog provides important details on disputed credit accounts and the effect on Southern NH mortgages. Before Starting … [Read More...]

Security Deposits For Southern NH Real Estate Purchases

When purchasing real estate, part of the purchase process usually involves security deposits from buyers to demonstrate that they are proceeding in good faith. These deposits should be submitted in a specific manner in order not to interfere with the underwriting approval process. This article … [Read More...]

Special Assistance Programs For Home Purchases In Southern NH

There are a wide range of home buyer assistance programs offered. Most are reserved for first time home buyers, there are some that apply to any real estate consumer. If you are planning to purchase a home, here is what you must know about special assistance programs for home purchases in Southern … [Read More...]

Harlow – Adopted Horse of the Month

Harlow was a heartbreaker at the New Holland auction, who came to Horses With Hope in May of 2014. Jockey Club registered as “Lootin’ Kisses,” this handsome gelding raced in Michigan 15 times with a mostly losing record, and a lifetime earnings of around $3,000. When the HWH crew found him at … [Read More...]

Advantages Of Home Loan Pre-approvals Before Seeing Southern NH Properties

When thinking about purchasing homes, it is normal to be excited and try to view listings as soon as possible. In that excitement, you may hold off on the important step of obtaining a home loan pre-approval. A pre-approval is a preliminary review of your finances and credit history to assess … [Read More...]

Top 5 Home Loan Refinancing Considerations – Southern NH Refinancing Considerations

Refinancing your mortgage may lead to big savings if completed under the right conditions. Every home loan and homeowner is different, so an opportune situation for one person may not be for another. Before making a decision to refinance, think about these top 5 home loan refinancing … [Read More...]