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The Difference Between Custom Home Builders And Production Home Builders In Southern NH

With so many home building companies in the market, it may be confusing determining who does what and who builds what. Starting from plot plans to finishes and materials, each builder may do things differently. There are some common characteristics regarding the difference between custom home … [Read More...]

An Overview Of Adjustable Rate Financing Programs In Southern NH

Adjustable rate financing programs are attractive to many borrowers due to the lower monthly payments at the beginning. The interest rate can be much lower than the fixed rate mortgages, but this is not always true. Home buyers should evaluate the terms of these mortgages and how they differ from … [Read More...]

Southern NH Computerized Real Estate Valuation Estimates Accuracy

Computerized real estate valuation estimates are becoming more common. As a home buyer or home seller, you might end up comparing the values to the marketing price of a house. It is extremely critical that you understand how these estimates work before using the results. How Computerized Real Estate … [Read More...]

Features Of VA Home Loans In Southern NH

Veterans have the option of obtaining VA home loans provided by individual lenders but guaranteed by the federal government. The guarantee insures mortgage companies from loss up to a certain amount if a borrower forecloses on a property. With this guarantee, lenders are able to give veterans … [Read More...]

What May Change Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums In Southern NH

Homeowner's insurance premiums are calculated using a wide range of factors. Insurance companies look at facts on the property and information on the home owner. What may change homeowner's insurance premiums in Southern NH is provided in this article and may be informative for both new and … [Read More...]

Southern NH Home Loan APR And What It Means

When shopping for home loans, you may come across information on interest rate and APR. These are usually mistaken as being synonymous, but they in fact have two different meanings. It is helpful for home buyers to understand both. The following are details on Southern NH home loan APR and what it … [Read More...]

Tips On Including Personal Items In Purchase Contracts

When purchasing a property, it is typical to request appliances. Sometimes, buyers may negotiate other personal items to be included also, such as decorative items or equipment. Before writing these in purchase contracts, it is useful to understand the impact that it might have on the mortgage … [Read More...]

Five Reasons To Avoid For Sale By Owner In Southern NH

When it comes time to sell real estate, sellers sometimes contemplate selling on their own. Just like electrical repairs, accounting, and other tasks, it is possible to do it yourself but sometimes the time, expense, and result may not match what an expert can offer. Technique, resources, and … [Read More...]

FHA Maximum Mortgage Amounts For Southern NH

FHA reviews their mortgage limits every year. If you are buying real estate soon and plan to apply for an FHA mortgage, it is critical to be aware of them and how they can change. For this year, in many regions, the limits have risen to reflect rising property prices. Here is an overview of the FHA … [Read More...]


Join us for our Mid-Winter sale, from blankets to clothes all our winter gear is on sale. We are getting ready to head out to the trade show and bring back all the latest and greatest in the equestrian world. Can't wait to show all our customers the great line up we have coming for … [Read More...]