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Defensa Animal de Rincon Granted IRS 501c3 Status

Defensa Animal de Rincon has been granted IRS 501c3 status as of 2/1/14.  Donors can deduct contributions they make to Defensa under the IRS Section 170. Visit http://darrincon.org/ to learn more about this organization and/or to make a contribution. … [Read More...]

Details On New Construction Home Loans From FHA For Southern NH Buyers

If you have opted to build a new home instead of purchasing a resale, you may mistakenly assume that a conventional home loan is the only option. You may be pleased to know that FHA offers new construction home loans! There are a few key differences between conventional and FHA new construction home … [Read More...]

Details On Southern NH Appraisal And Assessment Home Values

Appraisal and assessment home values are typically mistakened for one another. As a real estate consumer, it is important to distinguish what these words mean. Details on Southern NH appraisal and assessment home values can be found below. What Are Assessment Home Values Municipalities levy a tax on … [Read More...]

Southern NH home damage tax deduction information

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides a tax deduction for home casualty losses. An itemized deduction is required, so whether you may benefit from it depends on whether you can itemized deductions. Deductions lower taxable income and subsequently the taxes owed. This article offers Southern NH … [Read More...]

Reasons Why You Should Buy New Construction

There are many factors to consider when comparing new construction versus older properties. Each has its benefits and down sides. The best option depends on your style and previous home ownership experience. New properties continue to be preferred by an abundance of buyers. The following are a few … [Read More...]

Ownership Relationships For Southern NH Home Purchases

When two or more people buy property together, they start an agreement known as a tenancy agreement. It dictates what will happen when one individual passes away. There are three kinds of tenancy and they have distinct rights and requirements. Below are definitions of the different ownership … [Read More...]

Wild horses

Update on Rancher-backed Lawsuit Against Wild Horses in Nevada

This is an update from American Wild Horse Preservation regarding the lawsuit wild horses in Nevada.... "We just received the wonderful news that, after nearly a year of legal filings, we have prevailed in shutting down the rancher-backed lawsuit against wild horses and burros in Nevada. The … [Read More...]

Typical Property Renovation Blunders In NH

Property renovation jobs, small or large, may be unexpectedly complex. TV shows make repairs seem so quick and easy that you may not fully realize what it will take to achieve your goals. Whether you attempt it yourself or hire a contractor, below are a few typical property renovation blunders in NH … [Read More...]