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Harlow – Adopted Horse of the Month

Harlow was a heartbreaker at the New Holland auction, who came to Horses With Hope in May of 2014. Jockey Club registered as “Lootin’ Kisses,” this handsome gelding raced in Michigan 15 times with a mostly losing record, and a lifetime earnings of around $3,000. When the HWH crew found him at … [Read More...]

Advantages Of Home Loan Pre-approvals Before Seeing Southern NH Properties

When thinking about purchasing homes, it is normal to be excited and try to view listings as soon as possible. In that excitement, you may hold off on the important step of obtaining a home loan pre-approval. A pre-approval is a preliminary review of your finances and credit history to assess … [Read More...]

Top 5 Home Loan Refinancing Considerations – Southern NH Refinancing Considerations

Refinancing your mortgage may lead to big savings if completed under the right conditions. Every home loan and homeowner is different, so an opportune situation for one person may not be for another. Before making a decision to refinance, think about these top 5 home loan refinancing … [Read More...]

Making Unscheduled Visits To Southern NH Home Building Sites

It is normal to be excited about the construction of a new home and want to stop by the lot regularly. However, unscheduled visits may be dangerous and can delay the work. Keep the following in mind prior to making unscheduled visits to Southern NH home building sites. Hazardous Conditions at … [Read More...]

Costly Seller Mistakes When Listing Southern NH Real Estate

There are several seller actions that impact how fast a property goes under contract. Some costly seller mistakes when listing Southern NH real estate are more damaging than others. Sellers can avoid the mistakes outlined in this blog. Costly Seller Mistakes When Listing Southern NH Real … [Read More...]

Credit Behaviors That Affect The Ability To Get A Loan – Tips For Future Southern NH Home Buyers

Credit ratings are maintained by 3 credit agencies (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion). They each use a differing formulas to determine a figure that represents your credit risk. The greater the number, the less risky you are as a borrower. Specific activities can have a negative impact on your … [Read More...]

Oct. 2015 Revised Mortgage Disclosure Documents

You normally see various disclosure forms when applying for a home loan. It is easy to get confused. Many of these documents were required by different laws over the years. You may have saw that some forms offer similar details, which can make them even more difficult to digest. The Oct. 2015 … [Read More...]

The Difference Between Custom Home Builders And Production Home Builders In Southern NH

With so many home building companies in the market, it may be confusing determining who does what and who builds what. Starting from plot plans to finishes and materials, each builder may do things differently. There are some common characteristics regarding the difference between custom home … [Read More...]

An Overview Of Adjustable Rate Financing Programs In Southern NH

Adjustable rate financing programs are attractive to many borrowers due to the lower monthly payments at the beginning. The interest rate can be much lower than the fixed rate mortgages, but this is not always true. Home buyers should evaluate the terms of these mortgages and how they differ from … [Read More...]

Southern NH Computerized Real Estate Valuation Estimates Accuracy

Computerized real estate valuation estimates are becoming more common. As a home buyer or home seller, you might end up comparing the values to the marketing price of a house. It is extremely critical that you understand how these estimates work before using the results. How Computerized Real Estate … [Read More...]