Southern NH Bridge Loans – What Are Bridge Loans

Individuals selling and purchasing at the same time may face challenges with reconciling both transactions, particularly in competitive real estate markets. Bridge loans can be a useful solution to this dilemma. The information below on Southern NH … [Read more...]

Details On Commonly Used Mortgage Lingo

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Mortgage Approval Factors For Southern NH Home Loan Providers

Pre-approvals will not always lead to actual loan approval. Lenders complete a underwriting review prior to granting an approval. The process does not usually start until after a signed offer to purchase as they must look at both the financial data … [Read more...]

Guidance On Reverse Mortgages For Southern NH Homeowners

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Southern NH HomeStyle Rehab Financing Overview

HomeStyle financing allow borrowers to borrow money for the cost of rehab. It can be used towards a new home or to refinance a current loan. It may apply to small or large tasks and therefore is a helpful resource for houses requiring rehabilitation. … [Read more...]

Eliminating Mortgage Insurance From Conventional Loans

Mortgage insurance is usually due on standard conventional loans with down payments below twenty percent. The premium is payable each month and included in the mortgage payment. Eliminating mortgage insurance from conventional loans can save hundreds … [Read more...]

An Explanation Of Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance For Southern NH Home Loans

Mortgage insurance is typically mandated when a home buyer puts less than twenty percent down of the value of a home. It protects mortgage companies against loss when a homeowner fail to pay a loan. Although it is for the benefit of the lender, it is … [Read more...]

Disputed Credit Accounts And The Effect On Southern NH Mortgages

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Special Assistance Programs For Home Purchases In Southern NH

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Advantages Of Home Loan Pre-approvals Before Seeing Southern NH Properties

When thinking about purchasing homes, it is normal to be excited and try to view listings as soon as possible. In that excitement, you may hold off on the important step of obtaining a home loan pre-approval. A pre-approval is a preliminary review of … [Read more...]