Guidance On Choosing Home Building Upgrades | Southern NH Home Building

One of the great benefits of home building is the ability to personalize features with a variety of upgrades. This can get complicated if not handled correctly. The guidance on choosing home building upgrades in this blog should help reduce any confusion.

Learn About Deadlines

Houses are constructed according to a particular schedule. Everything happens at a specific point and in a specific sequence. The adding of upgrades must fit into that building process. Make note of the deadlines for wrapping up decisions on possible upgrades. You will lose options or face unpredicted fees if you act too late. For example, the optimal time to install surround sound is before drywall is hung.

Understand What Options Are Available

Most builders offer a prepared list of typical upgrades. Many builders will consider additional upgrades beyond the list. You will need to furnish exact information on upgrades in order to receive an accurate price from the builder. Upgrades outside of the standard list will make your home unique.

Make Changes in Writing

When selecting upgrades, be sure to document them. This keeps everyone informed. Be as specific as possible in the notation of the upgrade. For instance, if you select a certain brand or finish, include that in the write-up.

Tell Your Mortgage Company About Changes

If obtaining a mortgage for your purchase, you might decide to add the expense of upgrades into the loan. First, check with your loan officer to see whether that is permitted since it will add to the loan amount. Many builders ask that you pay for upgrades up-front, but the mortgage company will count it as another deposit when estimating money due upon closing. The mortgage company must approve any changes, so it is best to notify them early on. Late modifications may postpone the closing date.

Additional Guidance On Choosing Home Building Upgrades

As with any part of the home purchase process, documentation and time frames are especially critical for new construction. Working with the right real estate broker and lender will make a big difference. Good communication among all parties involved will lessen the stress and confusion. For additional guidance on choosing home building upgrades, contact Linda Gray at Brin Realty Group.