Southern NH Basement Finishing Advice

Finishing a basement is a great way to add living area and add to the value of a property. It is often simpler than putting on an addition. Below you will find Southern NH basement finishing advice.

Start With a Plan

Begin with the intended use of the space such as a work space, fitness room, game room, spare bedroom or additional storage. Plan the layout based on that function and include adequate room for furniture, equipment, and storage. If selecting a local building professional, share your intentions and request input from them on layout, materials, and other considerations. Pre-planning and having discussions will help you create a useful space and will also make it less expensive.

Inspect the Space for Problems Before Beginning the Basement Finishing Work

Finishing a basement requires more than putting up drywall. Basements usually house heating and other systems for your home and present unique difficulties. Check the basement for potentially harmful problems such as mold, mildew, water problems, and pests. Also inspect utility and other systems that can have an effect on the space. Understanding all of the systems and its affect on the project will help you better plan for the renovation.

Select Appropriate Building Materials for the Conditions

Basements are unlike upper levels in a home because they are below grade. Moisture and other conditions must be considered when picking out materials like walls and flooring. It might be prudent to use materials that will tolerate the climate or offer protection. Equipment such as a dehumidifier may also help.

Southern NH Basement Finishing Advice

The above Southern NH basement finishing advice are just a few things to consider when preparing for a basement finishing project. Carefully considering the space and materials will help curtail future issues and ensure solid construction of a useful space to enjoy for years to come. Contact a local Real Estate professional for information on whether a finished basement can increase the value to your home and keep those figures in mind as you price out the project.