5 Considerations When Buying NH Horse Properties

New Hampshire has many horse properties for equestrian lovers to consider. They range in location, size and features. With so many different factors to consider, how will you know that a particular property is the right fit? Here are a few considerations when buying NH horse properties. We hope that they help!

1. Size of Land

Land is obviously important when it comes to NH horse properties. You don’t necessarily need a ton of land, but you certainly need some land. More importantly, the land must be suitable. Take a look at the terrain and the grading to ensure that it fits your needs. If clearing a wooded area is necessary, be sure to consider any wetlands or other restrictions that may prevent you from doing so.

2. Fencing and Boundaries

Fencing is something that you can add to a property, so having one already installed may not be a requirement. However, be sure to visualize where you may want to install fencing. Is the land suitable for it (i.e. there are no obvious boulders or obstructions). Additionally, what will be the cost of installing a fence. Make sure you have room in your budget to make the space better fit your needs.

3. Zoning Restrictions

Zoning is an important consideration when buying NH horse properties. Some communities have restrictions on the number of horses allowed per property or based on other property characteristics. Zoning is also important if you plan to make changes to the property, such as adding buildings or clearing trees. A trip to the local building department can often provide you with a wealth of information on what you can or cannot do, and what process must be followed to obtain approval for certain changes.

4. Stables and Housing

The next on our list of important considerations when buying NH horse properties has to do with the structures on the property. Are there existing stables? Are they sufficient in size? What is the condition of the stables? Will you need to complete any repairs or additions? If so, what permits and approvals will be required?

5. Property Descriptions Not Always Accurate

You’ll quickly find, when shopping for NH horse properties, that not all property descriptions are accurate. People tend to use horse terms a bit differently than you do, so seemingly misleading language is not necessarily intentional. Most descriptions are subjective rather than objective. Simply keep this in mind going in and request more information on a property before taking the time to view it in person, especially if it’s located far from you.

More Considerations When Buying NH Horse Properties

Given the special features and requirements of horse properties, it’s important to work with a real estate agent that specializes in horse properties. As a proud horse owner, I can provide a better understanding of your needs and assist you with finding a suitable property. I am well known in the equestrian community and can put my knowledge, experience, and resources to work for you. Read more about my background and contact me for further assistance!