To-do's Before Closing On A New Property | Southern NH Home Buying

Moving is typically a bit chaotic. With packing on your mind, you can miss some crucial items. The to-do's before closing on a new property below lists items to add to your list.

Register Children for School

If you have school-aged kids, contact the school to find out what documentation is required to register them. You typically must obtain school records. You might also need copies of medical paperwork and verification of residency. Also, most schools mandate in-person enrollment.

Change Automobile Insurance

Inform your auto insurance company of the updated address. Your premium could adjust given the location. If you are changing states, you will also need to apply for vehicle registrations and apply for a state-issued drivers license. Most maintain reciprocity and do not mandate a test.

Update Address

To stop mail from getting lost, do not forget to update your address and have mail forwarded. Mail forwarding is completed with the United States Postal Service either online or at their local office. Forwarding is meant as a temporary solution and thus lasts for a limited time period. You must contact everyone and inform them of the new address. Do not forget lenders, insurance companies, employment companies, and friends and family.

Contact Utility Services

At least one week prior to closing, call utility services to cancel existing accounts and begin new ones. This includes electricity, fuel (oil/gas), cable TV, and telephone services. For usage based utilities, the companies normally read the meter at the cutoff. If you forget to request service at the new address, then they may physically turn off the utility service and charge a fee to visit and restart it again. It is therefore critical that you contact them in advance to eliminate service interruption and added fees.

Additional To-do's Before Closing On A New Property

The above to-do's before closing on a new property offer just a few key tasks to remember prior to finalizing your property purchase. You may have additional tasks to complete based on your personal scenario. For instance, if you operate a business, you may need to register the business. For help with your home search, contact Linda Gray at Brin Realty Group.