Moving Advice For Families

Moving is usually a stressful change, especially for children. To help children adjust to the transition, there are many things that you can do ahead of, throughout, and proceeding the big day. This article contains moving advice for families.

In Advance of the Move

The stress of moving starts as you start packing. Talking to your kids is important. Tell children what to expect. Get them involved with the planning to instill enthusiasm. Describe all of the positive things that will come from the move and not what left behind.

While Moving

Change is hard on every member of the family. As exhausted as you might be, try to keep upbeat. Your mood has a huge influence on your children and their mood. Here are some other things you can do on moving day.

Familiar Things – While moving, set aside some belongings to avoid making children wait for movers to show up and belongings to be unpacked. This will lower their the shock.

Schedules – Moving can momentarily disturb regular routines. Do your best to maintain routines with stories, meal times, and play times.

Have a Campout – Make moving fun by doing things such as having a camp out in the house before the furniture arrives. This is fun for the kids and can be comforting to have everyone sleeping together during the first time in a new space.

After the Big Day

Usually distractions help minimize stress. Think of fun activities to do in your new home. This creates wonderful memories. Here are a few ideas.

Movie Night – Watching one of your family's favorite movies can make your new home feel like the old one.

Explore the Area – Most families have a preferred restaurant or playground. Look for new places to visit. Even better, find things that were not found in your previous neighborhood. It will make the new place feel extra special.

Make the Space Your Own – Most homes require work, so allow your children to help. Small children could pick color schemes and accessories while older children could get their hands dirty. This participation will help them feel some pride in their new house.

More Moving Advice For Families

The most critical thing to keep in mind during a move is that children will be down or grouchy. Be patient when they misbehave with the knowledge that it may be triggered by the big change. Establish open communication so they feel encouraged to express their worries. This also provides you with an opportunity to understand and guide them through it. Remember the moving advice for families above and think of other interesting activities to do with your children.