It Can Happen Again | AWHP Newsletter 2015-11-8

I’ve just returned from the massive Bureau of Land Management mustang roundup taking place in Oregon right now. It’s so difficult to watch these magnificent wild horses ripped from their homes and their families, all so ranchers can graze more cattle on our public lands. 

I’ve only had a chance to watch some of my video, but I wanted to share something with you as soon as possible. 

The BLM did not want us out there. Our lawyers had to threaten to sue the BLM to force the agency to allow the public to observe each day of the roundup.

I’ve seen thousands of horses being rounded up, and I never forget the look of despair in their eyes after their freedom has been stolen from them. So much fear, so much unknown, which they must now face alone, without their families. 

I can barely stand to go to these roundups anymore, but it’s important to document and expose what’s happening. That’s why your contribution is so critical to this work

Grace from our team is headed to the roundup now. Although it is difficult work, we must show the world what is happening to our mustangs and burros. 

Please help keep us in the field by donating today. Thank you. 

Gratefully Yours,

– Deniz Bolbol, AWHPC 

For years, we have been fighting to protect wild horses and burros from the Bureau of Land Management’s massive, inhumane, roundups.

You have been there with us; taking action and standing up for these majestic and beautiful animals who have no voice of their own. It has made an impact.

But despite the progress we’ve made, we face a government agency that is intent on destroying our remaining wild horse and burro herds.

The stakes are high. Just last month, a federal investigation confirmed that the BLM illegally sold 1,794 of our protected mustangs — including those pictured here — for slaughter.

We can’t let that happen again.

Starting today, the BLM is launching a massive capture of 1,400 horses in Oregon. Born wild, these animals will lose their freedom and their families in this roundup. Some will lose their lives. Most will be sent to holding facilities where nearly 50,000 wild horses and burros are stockpiled.

This is the same insanity that sent many horses to brutal deaths in Mexican slaughter plants.

We have the power to stop this.  As I told the Los Angeles Times last week, we — the American public — are literally the only thing standing between mustangs and certain doom.

That is why I hope you can make a gift of support today. Your gift will make it possible for our team to go to Oregon this week to observe and document the roundup – one of the largest in recent history.

The BLM tried to conduct most of this massive mustang removal in secret. But we fought back and the BLM capitulated. Now we will be allowed to be on the ground every day, and the information, pictures and videos we collect will help us show the world what our government is doing to our wild horses and burros.

But we can’t get there without your support.

I am proud of the work that we have done together, but we still have a long fight ahead. Can I count on you today?


Suzanne Roy, Director of American Wild Horses Preservation