Scooter – Adopted Horse of the Month

Scooter came to Horses with Hope along with Willow in a fostering project between two rescues. She has found her forever home!  She will be staying in Maine with a lovely family, enjoying lots of trail rides and schooling in the arena.  We wish Scooter and her new family the best of luck!

Video with Scooter

Information About Scooter

Scooter is a 5 year old Bay Morgan mare, approximately 14.1hh. She was removed from a property belonging to hoarders. The farm originally had 60 animals removed 2 years prior and were ordered by the court not to own any more. Hoarding is a psychological disorder, and so the previous owners once again started to collect animals. The state came in and again, removed 12 more animals in terrible condition, including Scooter. The Hooved Animal Sanctuary took 2 horses and the others were fostered out. Scooter was a mess. She had lice, worms and was very malnourished. They were not sure if she had been born on the property as the owners had a stallion and several mares. Scooter had not been handled so she had to be trapped and run into a trailer, then haltered. It was difficult for the first 30 days, and they worked to gain her trust and get a lead rope on her halter. It was 60 days before she let them start to lead her, work with her feet and to be groomed. She has truly come a long way.