Horse Property Fencing Options

Horse Property Fencing OptionsFencing is a very important feature for a horse property. When purchasing New England horse properties, you may come across some with existing fencing and others without any in place. Finding a property with fencing does not necessarily mean that it’s the right type of fencing for you. Here are some popular horse property fencing options to consider.

Rail Horse Fencing

Rails are a traditional type of horse fencing. It consists of 3 or 4 horizontal slats attached to posts. They are one of the most popular horse property fencing options because they are functional and provide curb appeal. Rail fencing can be made of wood, vinyl, or high tension polymer (HTP). Wood is very durable but can be expensive and require ongoing maintenance. Vinyl is more affordable and requires little maintenance, but it’s not as strong as wood. HTP is durable, maintenance free, and cost-effective, but it doesn’t have the natural earthly look of wood fencing.

Woven Wire Horse Fencing

No climb horse fencing consists of vertical wood posts to which a metal mesh wire sheet is attached. The sheeting contains small rectangular grids. From afar, the metal sheet is somewhat invisible and blends into the surroundings. Woven wire fencing has the benefit of preventing other animals from crossing the barrier. It can keep horses in and other animals out. It costs less than rail fencing, but it does require routine maintenance (tightening and checking for obstructions).

Line Fencing

Line fencing is another of the many horse property fencing options. It includes vertical posts and wire that runs across horizontally. Many different types of wires are available including high tension polymer (HTP), bare wire. polymer line, braids and tapes. HTP and bare wire are both strong, durable, and require little maintenance. However, it can be difficult to see because it’s so thin. Polymer is also difficult to see, but it’s designed to come loose if a horse gets caught up in it (although that may not be desirable for perimeter fences). Braids are designed as an electric fence. They are thicker and therefore more visible, but they are more expensive to operate as well.

More On Horse Property Fencing Options

Above are just a few of the most popular horse property fencing options. When deciding on a fence type and material, consider how it looks, the cost, ongoing maintenance, and the other pros and cons of each. Selecting the right fencing will help achieve your goals and keep your horses safe.