Quarterly Newsletter January 2015

Our New Years resolutions didn’t include extreme cold temps or back to back snowstorms.  Apparently they were on Mother Natures list.  We did start the year off with good news.  

FHA lowered its harangued mortgage costs.  Click here to read more. FHA latest news

Bean Group Affiliation

Bean Group LogoBrin Realty Group has merged with the Bean Group.  First thought how does this affect our customers/clients?  Our customers will still receive the same care and service we have always provided, however we as real estate agents, will have access to the best technology regarding tools to help streamline the process of selling and buying a home.  Bean Group has a customer friendly website to look for properties in your area of choice, tips/information for sellers and buyers and Find a Realtor. Every realtor has their own website to help clients research a Realtor that fits with theirs needs and wants.

Buying or Selling This Year

If you are thinking this is the year you will sell or buy a home.  Its not too early to chat with a realtor.  They can give you tips for getting your home read for sale,  current market conditions in your area and for buyers, realtors can educate you with the whole process of buying, get you in touch with lenders and answer questions regarding best area for you based on your needs and wants.  Why wait for spring when everyone will be calling realtors?  Sellers don’t forget the NH has a statewide open house in April for those who want to participate.  Now is the time to tackle those interior handyman tasks.

Contact Us Any Time

So everyone try and stay warm this winter.  If you ski , snowshoe or snowmobile enjoy the recent snow storms.  

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