Pros And Cons Of Assisted Showings For Southern NH Homes For Sale

Assisted showings are when seller agents attend property showings. Purchasers and sellers, and listing and buyer agents, typically have contrasting opinions about whether they are necessary or beneficial. Below is an overview of those perspectives and the pros and cons of assisted showings for Southern NH homes for sale.

Consumer Views on Assisted Showings

Seller Points of View

People typically do not like allowing strangers wander around their home but they realize it is necessary to sell their home. Sellers therefore feel more comfortable having their agent attend showings. Although uncommon, there are scenarios where items are taken from a home or a home is not secured properly after a visit. Sellers also like the chance for their agent to provide information on the important features of their home.

Buyer Perspectives

Certain purchasers like the chance to ask questions of a person familiar with a listing. On the other hand, some will not particularly like assisted showings for a couple of reasons. Primarily, it can cause them to feel uncomfortable and inattentive. Throughout a showing, buyers like to spend more time at properties they find attractive and spend less time at those they do not. When the other agent is in attendance, they feel the need to view the whole home even if it is immediately clear that they are not interested. For homes they are interested in, they can feel rushed so as not to take up too much time from the seller agent or give the impression that they really like the place (as it could affect their bargaining power in the future). Occasionally a seller agent initiates too much conversation with a purchaser throughout a showing, which is also a diversion. Lastly, buyers cannot speak openly with each other and with their agent when a representative of a seller is there.

Real Estate Professional Outlooks on Assisted Showings

Listing Agent Perspectives

Listing agents can find assisted showings very helpful in selling a property. Although a lot of details may be provided in listing documents, buyers or their agents may misinterpret or miss important facts. Being at showings affords listing agents an opportunity to cover those items and any concerns or misunderstandings. By simply being at the property, they also also make sure that visitors are more respectful of the space and its personal property. However, scheduling a time may be even more cumbersome. Opportunities might be missed when schedules conflict.

Purchaser Agent Perspectives

Buyer agents often favor unassisted showings since they are easier to schedule and permit open discussion with their customers. It is difficult enough organizing the schedules of the buyer agent, prospective buyer, and seller. When you compound that with the seller agent, it can become a challenge. This is particularly true when arranging multiple viewings for the same day.

Pros And Cons Of Assisted Showings For Southern NH Homes For Sale

There are a lot of pros and cons of assisted showings for Southern NH homes for sale and they may differ based on the individual points of view. In the end, the decision rests with the home owner. Sellers should specifically think about the impact that it can have on the number of purchasers that can view their property and on the feelings that those buyers will have while touring it. The location, kind of home, belongings, and many additional details should also be taken into consideration. Sellers should talk about this with their agent to make a decision that best protects and benefits them in the listing and sale of their home.