Southern NH Kitchen Renovation Advice

Kitchens are always one of the most closely inspected features of a home and usually add the most value. You do not need to make thorough remodels to add to the price of real estate. There are changes that freshen up your kitchen without spending a lot of funds. Below you will find Southern NH kitchen renovation advice.

A Few Renovation Ideas

Brighten Up The Space

A nice coat of paint on the walls can make a significant impact on kitchens. Navigate towards lighter palettes and consider using semi-gloss paint to reflect exterior light and make cleaning easier. Also monitor interior lighting. A dark room feels crowded. Add more lighting that illuminates the best elements of your kitchen.

Change Appliances

Appliances are always noticed in a kitchen. Price out upgrading and select matching colors. You need not go brand new. Find discounts on used appliances, floor models, or scratch and dent models (as the damage could be in a spot that will be hidden after the unit is installed).

Remove The Clutter

Buyers almost always peak inside closets and cabinets, so arrange these spaces and make them suitable for showing. This removes the distraction of your personal belongings and enables viewers to notice more of the actual kitchen. A messy kitchen is never liked by any buyer.

Improving Cabinets

No matter how clean a home is, grease accumulates on cabinets. Clean cabinets, inside and out, to remove the build-up. For cabinets in irreparable shape, look into refinishing or adding a layer of paint. New hinges and handles may also improve the desirability of kitchen cabinets.

Southern NH Kitchen Renovation Advice

Devoting a little time and energy on your kitchen can lead to significant results. Although real estate owners rarely recoup the full expense of any type of renovation, kitchens tend to have better returns. Making minimal kitchen fixes can help properties sell sooner and for more money. The Southern NH kitchen renovation advice offered above are a merely a few of the things that prepare a residence for placement in the market. Contact Linda Gray at Brin Realty Group for more advice.